Bugsnax: How to Catch a Sandopede

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Not all of Bugsnax's puzzles are equally difficult. Even in the late game, some catching methods will be self-evident while others in the same area will be brain busters.Bugsnax's Sandopede actually has multiple ways to catch it: some easy and some hard.

The method the player chooses will likely depend on how far in the game they are.Bugsnax: How to Find and Catch Preying PicantisThe Sandopede can be found when revisiting Flavor Falls, where players find a starving Filbo at the very start of the game.

This meaty centipede circles the map, going through the stream and climbing over the rock outcropping. If the player tries to block it with their body, they'll be sent flying.This isn't exactly a composite Bugsnak.

Unlike the Scoopy Banoopy or the Preying Picantis, it doesn't have a separate name and listing for when caught altogether. But it functions similar to one in practice: its body is made up of multiple smaller Bugsnax, and they can only be caught once the player separates and stuns them.To break it apart, all the player needs to do is have it collide with something.

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