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Bootleg Merch Combines Pokemon and The Avengers

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If a franchise is popular enough, it is bound to have mountains of knock-off merchandise. These bootleg toys and collectibles often attract online mockery for their poor quality, production mistakes, and unusual quirks.A Reddit user in Italy recently shared a pair of images showing some very suspect Pokemon toys.

And while one photo shows a relatively typical example of unlicensed merchandise, the other features a bizarre crossover between Pokemon and The Avengers.Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Artwork Reveals Map of Paldea RegionThe strange bootleg in question features an off-brand version of Ash Ketchum and four oversized Pikachu in avenger’s attire.

This includes versions of the electric mouse dressed as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and The Hulk. And while these cosplaying Pikachu are actually kind of cute, it seems unlikely that Marvel and the Pokemon Company signed off on this particular piece of Pokemon merchandise.

Click here to see the full Reddit thread.There are other things wrong with these pieces of bootleg Pokemon merchandise, and more jump out the longer one looks at the picture.

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