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Pokemon GO: Bug Out Catch Challenge Timed Research Tasks and Rewards

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Players that want to participate in Pokemon GO's Bug Out event can do so by working on its Timed Research. This Timed Research unfolds over the course of three steps, and fans have until Tuesday, August 16 at 8pm local time to get through all of it.

For those players that would like to know more about these steps, a complete list of the tasks and rewards featured in Pokemon GO's Bug Out Catch Challenge Timed Research can be found in this guide.To note, there are also a number of Bug Out Field Research tasks in PoGO for players to complete, and indeed some of them overlap with the event-exclusive Timed Research.

As such, it is recommended that players spin PokeStops while they are working on the Bug Out Catch Challenge in order to maximize their rewards.Pokemon GO: How to Beat Giovanni (August 2022)Step 1 Completion Rewards: Shedinja Encounter, 1x Lure Module, 2,500 XPStep 2 Completion Rewards: Pinsir Encounter, 1,000x Stardust, Venipede EncounterStep 3 Completion Rewards: 50x Scizor Mega Energy, Scyther EncounterThe Bug Out Catch Challenge Timed Research is primarily made up of two types of tasks.

The first type focuses on Bug-type Pokemon, and it should be quite simple to complete. This is due to the fact that many Bug-type Pokemon will have increased spawn rates for the duration of Pokemon GO's Bug Out event, making them fairly easy to find.The other type of task instructs players to make certain types of Throws, and it aligns nicely with the bonuses that are active during the event.

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