Bleach: Which Number One Is Number 1?

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Any long-time fan of Bleach got emotional when they watched Bleach's Thousand Year Blood War trailer. The trailer especially stirred those emotions when a remix of Ichigo's theme, «Number One» dropped in the trailer.

The piece is a lesson in heart-pumping nostalgia, and surely reinvigorated a lost love for the franchise. Bleach's soundtrack was part of what introduced the anime world to the «rule of cool», so it will be interesting to see if the show can continue the rule of cool in the Thousand Year Blood War arc.«Number One» usually plays when Ichigo, Bleach's main character, is about to or in the process of doing something extraordinary.

The song plays when Ichigo got his soul reaper powers, and when he rescued his friend Rukia from execution. One reason the song was included in the Thousand Year Blood War trailer could have been to suggest that the new series offers moments equally memorable if not more so than Bleach episodes of old.Bleach: The Best Arcs In The AnimeShirō Sagisu composed «Number One» back in 2005.

Sagisu is also famous for composing the soundtrack to Evangelion, for which he earned an award. Though Sagisu is responsible for the song's arrangement and composition, the classic lyrics and melody emerged from the honey lacquered pipes of the singer Hazel Fernandes.Fernandes brought a certain kind of soul flare to the soul reaper's theme song, which continue to be the most recognizable part of the song.

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