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Better Call Saul Theory Reveals Jimmy Wants To Get Caught By Howard

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Is Jimmy intentionally trying to get caught in Better Call Saul season 6? The criminality of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) has gradually intensified throughout Better Call Saul, and season 6 brings their con crusade to its crescendo.

The husband and wife partnership are targeting former boss (and former friend?) Howard Hamlin, partly out of revenge for always being a condescending and insufferable idiot, and partly because damage to Howard's professional reputation will force his law firm to settle a long-standing case in which Jimmy has a stake.

A $2 million stake, to be precise. Thus far, Jimmy & Kim have planted fake drugs among Howard's possessions, falsified complaints of «incapacity» from disgruntled clients, and staged an uncomfortable altercation with a sex worker.

The ploy is working. Howard's fellow legal bigwig, Clifford Main, is now convinced he's working alongside a drug addict, and the next phase of Jimmy & Kim's plan seemingly involves impersonating a retired judge called Rand Casimiro.

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