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Best characters for Memory of Dust in Genshin Impact

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Memory of Dust is a niche Catalyst that only has a few good users in Genshin Impact. Those who need a refresher of what Memory of Dust should know that this is its effect:The varying numbers are due to Refinement Levels.

Only two Catalysts in Genshin Impact 2.7 can create shields. This means that other Catalyst users would have to rely on another character to make shields for them to benefit from this effect.Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writerThe two main effects of Memory of Dust largely revolve around Shield Strength and ATK.

If a Catalyst user doesn't use any shields, the former buff is useless. They can rely on external shielders to help them out, but they often have better Catalysts to use in those scenarios.

Thus, it's worth looking at the two main users of this little book. The two Catalyst users who can create shields are:Ningguang creates shields via the Crystallize Elemental Reaction.

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