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Asteroid watch: Phew! Asteroid with huge destructive potential just hurtled past Earth today

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Nearly 100 tons of space dust and sand sized particles hit Earth every day, according to NASA. Astonishingly, a vehicle-sized asteroid hits Earth's atmosphere, creates an impressive fireball, and burns up before reaching the surface nearly once every year.

However, this year has been unusual. There have been numerous close calls with asteroids as large as an aircraft. Although only once every few million years, a space rock large enough to annihilate the planet comes along.

Impact craters on Earth and other planets are signs of such previous encounters.NASA informed that an asteroid named Asteroid 2022 QH8 just flew past the planet during early hours today, September 23.

The asteroid is humongous in size with a width of nearly 160 feet which is the same size as a commercial aircraft. The asteroid was clocked at a blistering speed of 55,000 kilometers per hour.It made a close approach with the planet during today's early hours at a distance of nearly 4 million kilometers.

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