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Apple Watch saves pregnant woman, unborn baby, during emergency

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Apple Watch has emerged as a life-saving gadget yet again! A pregnant woman in the US named Jesse Kelly claims that Apple Watch saved her and her unborn baby's life in an emergency as it warned her about an abnormally high heart rate.

Notably, Apple Watch has several health monitoring features, including heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, and a lot more.

All of these help users to track their health issues on a daily basis. In many emergency situations, these features have proved to be life-savers.That is exactly what happened to Jess Kelly.

She keeps a track of her exercise regimen on her Apple Watch and this ultimately saved her and her unborn baby. On December 17, 2022, when Kelly wasn't feeling well in her 37th week of pregnancy, she received a notification of a high heart rate on her smartwatch.

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