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Android Auto to SPICE up your car with split-screen design, and more smart bits

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Android Auto is getting an upgrade to make your driving experience just a little bit better! If you rely on an Android phone and Google’s services to get around the town, the Android Auto interface becomes a must-haven your car’s infotainment screen.

And Google is now updating it to make the most out of it. Most of it has to do with the user interface that now looks more modern than ever, and Google I bringing more video content as well as casting capability to the forefront.

Basically, your car’s infotainment screens about to get feature rich.Google says that the new Android Auto interface prioritizes three major functions that drivers use the most — navigation, media, and messages. “This summer, Android Auto will roll out a brand new interface that will help you get directions faster, control your media more easily and have more functionality at your fingertips,” says Google.In order to keep the focus uniformly on these functions, Android Auto brings new split-screen mode. “With split screen mode, now standard across all screen types and sizes, you’ll have access to your most-used features all in one place — no need to return to your home screen or scroll through a list of apps.

With your navigation and media always on, you won’t have to worry about missing your next turn while changing your favourite commute podcast,” says Google.And the best part is that the interface can adapt to various screen sizes , both in portrait and widescreen, and even more.

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