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"All part of my genius plan"- Sykkuno scams Fuslie and Miyoung during recent livestream

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In an interesting turn of events, YouTube Gaming star Sykkuno scammed Fuslie and Miyoung during their most recent livestream.

Suffice to say, the fans are enjoying every bit of it. Earlier today, the trio teamed up to play the much-popular title, 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.' While playing the game, Leslie turned to Sykkuno for the correct answer, only to get brutally scammed by him.

What came next was a hilarious series of events.After tricking her into choosing the wrong option, Sykkuno hilariously notes:During the May 14, 2022 broadcast, Sykkuno smartly scammed everyone into chatting while playing 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.' Given the shy and sweet personality of the YouTuber, tricking people is pretty easy.

There is absolutely no way anyone could suspect him for something fishy.After getting stuck on one question, Fuslie turned to Sukkuno for help.

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