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All malfunctioning ATMs in Call of Duty Warzone

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Now that Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone has begun, many gamers are digging their teeth into some new features. Most are quality of life changes and a couple of new weapons, but one of the more intriguing new features is Golden Plunder.This is basically a more intense version of regular Plunder.

To reach the money limit quickly, users must know where the broken ATMs are on the map. Nobody wants to be caught wandering the map aimlessly.Firstly, Golden Plunder is exclusive to Caldera, so looking for it on other Warzone maps is no use.

The big difference between Golden Plunder and its regular version is that users need to rack up $5 mil to win the game.The locations of all the broken ATMs on Caldera are as follows:Just because a Warzone gamer knows where the broken ATMs are, though, doesn’t mean they can raid them at any time.

Broken ATMs cycle on and off between being operational and malfunctioning.Players need to keep an eye on the minimap to determine whether an ATM is good to raid.

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