Destiny Target Waves

A Destiny YouTuber who allegedly impersonated Bungie is being sued by the studio for $7.7m

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Bungie is seeking over $7,650,000 in damages from a Destiny YouTuber who allegedly impersonated the company in order to issue a series of bogus DMCA strikes against fellow content creators.The studio said in March that it was investigating a series of copyright takedowns on YouTube that had not originated from the company or its partners.Later that month it filed a lawsuit claiming that John Does had used “a hole in YouTube’s DMCA-process security” to impersonate the studio and sabotage the work of Destiny content creators.In a revision of its original complaint, which was spotted by The Gamer Post, the defendant has been named as Nick Minor, aka YouTuber Lord Nazo.Last December the YouTube channel of Lord Nazo was issued a takedown notice after publishing music from the original soundtrack for Destiny expansion The Taken King, which Bungie said infringed copyrights and violated its policy on fan use of intellectual property.Rather than remove the video, Minor is alleged to have left it online until YouTube deleted it in January.Bungie claims that, seemingly in retaliation, Minor created fake Gmail accounts in order to pose as the studio’s brand protection vendor CSC and send out a wave of fraudulent takedown notices targeting videos posted by members of the Destiny community including My Name is Byf, Aztecross, The Phoenix, and Promethean.Notice: To display this embed please allow the use of Functional Cookies in Cookie Preferences.Notice: To display this embed please allow the use of Functional Cookies in Cookie Preferences.“This case arises out of Nick Minor’s malicious campaign to serve fraudulent takedown notices to some of the most prominent and passionate members of that fanbase, purportedly on Bungie’s behalf, in

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