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5 video games that were released ahead of their time

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Sometimes, video games are not always fully appreciated upon their release. They were passed off as a decent game by the players and swept under the rug.Other games strive for greatness but fall short due to the limitations of their technology.

In contrast, even others may break such new ground, which would only become a common principle in later years.No matter the reason, certain such games exist, which, one way or another, laid the groundwork for other games down the years to build upon.

Features that players these days may take for granted, which were once unheard of until the game first employed it in its most rudimentary form.Throughout video game history, there have been many such releases that have left an impact.

Games that were seemingly more advanced than the standards of the time and were not given the appreciation they deserved when they launched.Here are five such video games that were released ahead of their time.Note: This article reflects the writer's opinion.Open-world video games set in a modern setting have evolved quite a bit.

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