5 best Genshin Impact Aggravate teams to build with Dendro characters

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Genshin Impact introduced a ton of new team options with the addition of the Dendro Element and its unique reactions. One of these reactions can significantly boost the damage of Electro characters, making it essential for many Electro team compositions.The ability to take advantage of the Aggravate reaction will be a huge factor to consider when creating Electro teams in the future, and players can form some useful units.

Here are some of the teams that utilize the Aggravate reaction to take down even the toughest foes.The Aggravate reaction is ideal for characters (like Keqing, Fischl, and Beidou) who can consistently apply Electro to enemies.

However, players will also need a Dendro character like Collei or the Dendro Traveler to maintain the reaction's effects. Finding a good mix between Dendro and Electro characters is a crucial part of creating an Aggravate team.Disclaimer: This list is based on the writer's opinions.This team takes advantage of both Aggravate and Swirl to boost the damage of Electro significantly.

Sucrose takes the field as the main driver for reactions while the Dendro Traveler places their Elemental Burst to facilitate the Aggravate reaction.Fischl and Beidou both apply tons of Electro through their Elemental Bursts and abilities, allowing Sucrose to also swirl Electro and deal a huge amount of AOE damage.This team allows players to burst down powerful bosses in seconds by buffing both Dendro and Electro.

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