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Bride Plays Genshin Impact on Wedding Day to Do Her Dailies

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A bride has shared a funny image of herself playing Genshin Impact on the big day of her wedding. The dedication to Genshin Impact has been mirrored by other players as well, showing how important the game is to its fans.Genshin Impact, like many other online gacha games, has a form of premium currency that can either be bought by exchanging for real world money, or by grinding certain missions and tasks.

It's a slow and steady climb to earn premium currency in-game, and that's part of what makes it important to not miss the daily tasks available.Genshin Impact Clip Shows Issue With Long Enemy Spawn TimesThis was the case during momo6548's wedding, and she shared an image of herself fully dressed for her ceremony while playing the game.

According to momo6548, she wanted to be sure that she completed the dailies before her wedding began. Further in the comments, she explains that due to the nature of her wedding dress, physical movement was somewhat restricted, so sitting down and playing Genshin Impact was a perfect way to spend time (and likely reduce jitters) before the ceremony began.Fans in the comments were quick to praise momo6548, congratulating her on the marriage while also commending her dedication to the game.

Many expressed that they've gone through similar experiences with the title, with one bride expressing she also played Genshin Impact, while another user talked about playing Smash Bros with their best man in the final hours leading up to the wedding.

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