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Genshin Impact: Best Cyno Team Compositions Guide

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Cyno’s team comp in Genshin Impactalways has to include either a shielder or a healer, preferably those with a long duration.

This is because after entering the field with his ultimate, Cyno has to stay as the active character for a whopping 18s. Without sufficient protection, it’s easy for enemies to deal some deadly blows, killing the character.Genshin Impact: Best Cyno Build GuideThere are a few options players can choose for Cyno’s team comp in Genshin Impact.

Characters like Zhongli, Beidou, Dori, and Kuki Shinobu are all great options to pair with Cyno. As for the rest of the party, here are some choices players can pick for the best Cyno team compositions in Genshin Impact.In this Cyno team comp, both Beidou and Xingqiu are present to protect Cyno.

The idea behind this combination is for players to play with both Hyperbloom and Quicken Dendro Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact, along with Electro-Charged.Players should start with Dendro MC’s Burst, then Xingqiu’s. It’s crucial to ensure Xingqiu’s Hydro comes in contact with Dendro MC’s ultimate as it’ll widen the Dendro Lamp’s AoE.

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