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"23K likes for 6M views is extremely low": Asmongold gives his thoughts on whether Blizzard is view-botting Dragonflight trailer

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Zack "Asmongold" toyed with the idea of Blizzard view-botting Dragonflight's recent trailer to build hype for the latest expansion to World of Warcraft.

After reacting to a post on his dedicated subreddit, the streamer tried to theorize ways in which the large disparity between views and likes could be explained without any shady tactics.As a veritable giant in MMORPG games, Zack is considered quite an authority in all things World of Warcraft, and with the community looking forward to Dragonflight's release next week, his inputs were greatly appreciated by fans.While acknowledging the disproportionate viewer-to-like ratio, Asmongold was open to other explanations and tried to theorize possible explanations of the phenomenon.

He stated:On today's stream, Asmongold came across a Reddit post titled "Blizzard viewbotted the new DF trailer." The trailer in question currently has about eight million views and 24K likes at the time of writing this piece.In any case, the OTK founder was quite stumped when he first read the post, wondering why people were accusing Blizzard of view-botting.

He quipped:Asmongold scrolled down to peek at the comments to understand the sentiment behind the accusations and read aloud a couple of comments relevant to the post:After comparing Dragonflight's new trailer statistics with the old one, the streamer summed up the situation and stated:While Asmongold admitted that the like-to-viewer ratio was not comparable to the videos, he still thought there might be other reasons for the discrepancy.

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