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10 JRPGs to replay in August 2022

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JRPGs are beloved around the world for their challenging gameplay, rich stories, and unforgettable worlds. It’s a genre that produces amazing video games every year, but the real question is, what JRPGs should fans look to play in August 2022?As expected, there are thousands to choose from across both modern and retro consoles, as well as PCs.

With that in mind, this list is the opinion of a writer with a deep love for JRPGs. Obviously, these picks can vary from player to player, depending on what they are already playing and what they prefer in their games.Some readers may notice that there are repeats from the previous month's list of JRPGs and that’s because those games are still excellent and worth a replay nonetheless.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing games for players to enjoy in the month of August 2022.While many of these games are classics from previous consoles, they are all readily accessible on more modern platforms, making them easier to acquire without spending a fortune.Now that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is fully available on the PlayStation Plus system, it’s a great time to pick it up if fans haven't already done so in July.

It’s the definitive way to play the game, and while it only covers the time spent in Midgar, it’s still a memorable adventure.Furthermore, the characters from the initial Squaresoft game have more time on screen and have been given more depth and personality.

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