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Zenless Zone Zero Is a Hip Urban RPG From the Creators Of Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact developers HoYoverse have officially announced their latest ARPG titled Zenless Zone Zero, a brand-new urban fantasy HoYoverse IP set in a world in which contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as the Hollows.

Players in the game take on the role of a Proxy, a special professional who guides people in their exploration of Hollows. Players are tasked with helping them explore the Hollows, battle their enemies, and achieve their goals.

In the process, they’ll come to learn more about their story and their place in it. “We would like to invite players to discover [New Eridu], the last shelter for urban civilization due to the calamity [Hollows].

Together with a group of distinctive partners, they will fight alongside each other and unravel the mysteries in this post-apocalyptic world,” HoYoverse says in a press release.

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