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You'll Brick It When You SeeThis Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum Made Out Of Lego

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The Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring truly are a wonderous sight to behold. They're colossal, roaming buildings on four gigantic legs that need to be attacked in very specific weak spots before they'll come down and settle.

Oh, and they can attack you while you try to do this. One Elden Ring fan has made one out of Lego, and it's just as marvelous.

Posted to Reddit and spotted by PCGamer, this Lego monstrosity is made up of 5000-6000 bricks and weighs 30 pounds, according to its creator, HoboSapient.

If you're wondering how the Lego blocks can sustain such heft, "Lots of Technic," is HoboSapient's answer. That's the heavy-duty Lego made for adults.

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