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xQc claims he will be soon done with his "adult responsibilities," says it has been "too much"

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During a livestream on January 22, Twitch personality Felix "xQc" mentioned that he would soon be finished with his "adult responsibilities" and that he had been dealing with a lot of "annoying" things.

However, he reassured his audience that everything would be okay before ending the stream.At the end of his January 22 livestream, xQc reflected on his life and reminisced about a time when he felt unencumbered by responsibilities.

He stated:The former Overwatch pro then mentioned that he had a lot of "adult responsibilities" to attend to and described the situation as "annoying":Timestamp: 14:00:20The Twitch sensation added that he would soon be "out of the woods" with these responsibilities:The discussion ended with him reassuring his viewers that everything would be fine:The YouTube comments section had a lot of fan reactions, with over 140 community members sharing their thoughts.Many fans left supportive messages for the content creator, and one viewer commented on how great Felix's recent streams have been.

Here are some of the most notable fan reactions:xQc began his online career in 2016 and is currently one of the most recognizable figures in the streaming world.

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