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Xbox Game Pass’ mysterious Ben & Jerry’s listing was actually a game in disguise

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A listing for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream briefly appeared on Xbox Game Pass, but what looked like an erroneous app was actually a rudimentary shooting gallery in disguise.Titled XBET_Test_Product_4, the game appeared on Xbox Game Pass with an icon picturing a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Several Reddit(opens in new tab) users shared the listing, which was nestled among the usual roster of Game Pass titles.Downloading the app opened a simple shooting mini-game that could be played on touchscreen devices.

The game was untitled, although the words “DirectX first-person game sample” were in the top left corner, alongside a “Windows platform samples” watermark.

The game appears to have been added to Game Pass by mistake and has since been removed. You can check out gameplay footage, captured before it disappeared, below:Despite its icon, the game has no connection to Ben & Jerry’s and is actually a Microsoft-produced sample game used to introduce programmers to DirectX and other development tools.

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