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Xbox Game Pass family plan is real and will save you money

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Microsoft has revealed a new Xbox Game Pass tier that will allow families and groups to subscribe at a hefty discount.An Xbox Game Pass family plan has been rumored for several months, with Microsoft finally confirming the news in a test launch.

Xbox Insiders in Colombia and Ireland will be the first to try it out. It allows up to five people to share the benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, provided they live in the same country.All members of the shared plan will have “their own unique access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits”, according to Microsoft(opens in new tab).

Each subscriber can use the service simultaneously, letting everyone hop into a game of Back 4 Blood or Halo Infinite together, as well as play totally different games at the same time.Microsoft hasn’t revealed when the new plan will officially launch or receive a global rollout.

Subscribing to the family plan with a group of buddies will net you a hefty monthly saving. Microsoft hasn’t revealed the exact pricing structure yet, but existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to convert their membership into the new tier.

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