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Xbox celebrates the release of Benny Blanco’s “Bad Decisions” with bizarre-looking promotional controller

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As far as promotional tie-ins go, the gaming industry has probably hit the full spectrum of weirdness over the years. Sometimes it’s a strange TV commercial, other times it’s Pokémon partnering with a popular fast-food chain, and sometimes it’s a bizarre singing Xbox controller.

In celebration of the release of the song “Bad Decisions,” featuring Benny Blanco, BTS, and Snoop Dogg, Xbox has taken to Twitter to show off the grand prize in its latest sweepstakes event — a custom-designed, “Bad Decisions” themed controller that sings to you.

The “first ever singing controller” — which is noted as being “for display use only” in the competition rules, which raises some questions about its actual use for gaming — will be awarded to thirty lucky participants who follow the Xbox Twitter account and retweet the post with the hashtag #BadDecisionsSongXboxSweepstakes.

It’s not clear as yet what the extent of the controller’s ability to “sing” is, but the speaker shown in the back of it suggests that it will at least play the song itself.

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