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World of Warcraft: Cosmetic Renown Unlocks Will Be Account Wide in Dragonflight

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World of Warcraft is making the ability to purchase Renown cosmetic ensembles an account-wide unlock in Dragonflight.

This is a welcome shift from the system for Covenants in Shadowlands, and is an alt-friendly boon for World of Warcraft players.This discovery came about due to a bug in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight beta.

Renown vendors for the major factions of Dragonflight offer cosmetic ensembles for each of the four armor types–cloth, leather, mail, and plate.

A glitch in the beta allowed all four of these ensembles to be purchasable by a single character, allowing the character to unlock all the faction’s cosmetics for their account, rather than just that of the armor type used by the character's class.World of Warcraft Content Creators are Giving Away Dragonflight Beta Access CodesIn a recent forum post, World of Warcraft clarified this was an unintended glitch, and would be patched out in later builds of the Dragonflight beta.

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