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Wordle 522 answer for November 23: Safety first! Check Wordle hints, clues, solution

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Wordle 522 answer for November 23: Many times, Wordle players create their own add-on rules to the game to make it more thrilling and fun.

Usually it is done in family leagues or office mini leagues where players are quite competitive. For example, some players add hard mode rules (to compulsorily use the letters in every attempt once found) even in normal mode, some use previous day's word as the starting word for the next day and some even waste 2-3 attempts to make it more difficult for them.

While they can be really fun, we'd like to recommend not to take any such risks today. The word today is tricky and it can easily take up multiple attempts just to piece together the clues and then more to make a word out of it.

Risks can be rewarding when they are calculated but today, you'd be more benefited by using these Wordle hints and clues. And as always, if you're stuck, you can always scroll to the bottom for the solution.Today's word lacks any repeated letter.

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