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Wordle 532 answer for December 3: Anatomical puzzle is back! Check Wordle hints, clues, solution

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Wordle 532 answer for December 3: About a hundred puzzles ago, Wordle gave us the first anatomical puzzle. As veterans of the game would remember, that led to a series of puzzles involving biology and botany that would prove to be one of the hardest stretches of puzzles for anyone who wasn't well versed in these fields.

And it seems like these puzzles just made a comeback. But don't worry. These Wordle hints and clues exist to diminish that gap and ensure that no matter what, you never lose a game.

If the hints and clues fall short, you can always jump to the bottom and check the solution too.Today's word has a repeated letter which can be even more annoying.

The word is a technical term meaning we do not really use it in regular conversation. The word luckily does not use any uncommon letters so finding the clues should not be too difficult.

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