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Wordle 368: June 22, 2022 Hints & Answer

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June 22nd’s Wordle answer was not a hard word to guess; however, it can still throw people off if players used their regular starting words.

Today’s Wordle answer is relatively common, but it can take players more than a few tries to guess it correctly. While Wordle does provide visual hints for players, it can still be hard for some players to guess the answer in six attempts.

This is where some relevant tips and clues can be beneficial for players who want to guess the answer without cheating. Related: How to Solve Wordle Puzzles (Tips & Strategies)  If players find the regular mode easy, they can always try their hand at Wordle’s hard mode, which forces players to solve the puzzle with stricter rules.

These rules can sometimes work in a player’s favor, especially when the puzzle uses obscure words. In addition, the harder mode forces players to use previously discovered letters in the same spot, which can help in guessing today’s Wordle answer faster.

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