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With Skull and Bones now set for March 2023, could Assassin's Creed Mirage get delayed to second half of next year?

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The French publishing giant, Ubisoft, recently delayed another one of its flagship titles, Skull and Bones, which was previously supposed to be released later this year, in the month of November.

However, it was pushed back to March 2023 to give the developers more time to fine-tune its technical aspects and gameplay balancing ahead of its launch.Skull and Bones is not the only game Ubisoft has delayed this year.

The upcoming Avatar game from Ubisoft Massive, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was previously speculated to be released this year, but has been delayed to 2023.It is not uncommon for big AAA releases to get delayed, and often, it is much better than a rushed, half-baked product.

However, Skull and Bones was already delayed for more than half a decade, with the game officially being announced way back in 2017.

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