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Whoa! Dyson headphone with detachable air purifier! It is real, know all

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Dyson announced its first audio product, a pair of headphones, which doesn't just keep the noises away with its active noise cancellation but also harmful dust particles!

Yes, these new Dyson headphones are unique because they have a detachable air purifier. This detachable visor for the nose and mouth purifies the air when on the go, making them unique in front of its rivals.

Not just that, Dyson Zone is the first wearable purifier, capturing city pollution including gases, allergens and particulate matter along with canceling unwanted noise.

Now Dyson has revealed more information about its availability and features. Have a look at these unorthodox designs of headphones by Dyson.Dyson is primarily known for its cordless handheld vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, and other products such as cleaning robots, hair care, and lighting.

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