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When will Destiny 2 servers be back online? (January 25)

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Destiny 2 community and Bungie are currently going through a tough phase after the recent weekly reset on January 24. Players are right now facing what appears to be one of the longest server downtimes during mid-season updates.

Thankfully, the company has addressed the players regarding the estimated time for the uptime. In a recent Tweet made by one of Bungie's support accounts, the company stated that the community shouldn't expect a fix anytime soon.

However, they are estimating a timeline of 3 am to 4 am PDT on January 25, which is subject to change. Players will continue to get CAT errors inside the game until further notice from Bungie.

The following article lists the time zones for expected server uptime in all major regions. The current downtime during the January 24 reset could be considered to be one of the longest in a mid-season period.

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