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Virtual tabletops can make playing RPGs even harder. One More Multiverse wants to fix that

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Kicking off a new tabletop role-playing game with a small group of friends is hard. There’s getting six people’s schedules to line up bit, of course, which is always a chore.

But learning a new game system requires study, and rolling up four or five new characters takes time. Game developer One More Multiverse wants to help, and it’s producing a set of tabletop tools to make playing with your friends online a lot easier.

The venture capital-backed team is going at things very differently than its competitors. Whether you’re a potential newbie player or a long-suffering Dungeon Master, you should at least consider giving the demo a try.

One More Multiverse’s first toolset is a collection of assets to support the critically acclaimed Blades in the Dark, a wickedly fun TTRPG that takes place in a haunted version of a gritty, Industrial Revolution-era European city.

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