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Turns out a simple Steam Deck mod means you can install a larger NVMe SSD

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Going against the warnings made by Valve(opens in new tab), one Canadian modder has upgraded their Steam Deck's SSD to house a 2242 M.2 NVMe SSD, rather than the 2230 form factor SSD it comes with.

While you might have been thinking about increasing the storage capacity of your Steam Deck, now you know its possible to go physically larger, too.

The pcb appears to work fairly well for adapting a 2242 m2 to the steam deck, it doesn't collide with anything on the motherboard or put any extra strain on any cables.

However, it does make the heat spreader bow a tiny bit. The back plate reassembled without issue. pic.twitter.com/4j4LVbS0NGJune 21, 2022 Hot Hardware(opens in new tab) brought the modder's Twitter overview to our attention, where we learned that the new SSD «doesn't collide with anything on the motherboard or put any extra strain on any cables.» Somewhat worryingly, though, the mod did «make the heat spreader bow a tiny bit.» Potentially this could cause issues with overheating later down the line, but they note that this didn't stop the backplate form clipping back on just fine.

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