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Top 5 video games which could improve with mod support

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Mod support allows players to modify and enhance their gaming experience by adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving graphics in existing video games.

This can include anything from new weapons, characters, and levels to improved lighting, textures, and gameplay mechanics. Mod support can breathe new life into the game and is often used to keep older titles relevant and enjoyable for years to come.This feature discusses five video games that desperately need additional mod support.

These games are critically acclaimed and have dedicated fan bases that would benefit significantly from additional mod support.Note: This article reflects the writer’s views and choices.No Man’s Sky is an open-world game about survival and exploration in a procedurally generated universe.

With over 18 quintillion worlds, it’s impossible to explore everything in No Man’s Sky in a lifetime. Despite being a massive open-world title, No Man’s Sky combat and weapon upgrade options are lacking and average.However, the best part about No Man’s Sky is that there are now mods that can essentially be incorporated online.No Man’s Sky needs mods that would add new ships and weapons to the game and improve the game’s graphics and performance.

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