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Top 5 Banished mods that you should absolutely try in 2022

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Banished came out eight years ago in 2014. This solo dev effort not only sold four to five million copies, but also carved out a niche for survival city-building games.

The modding support was added to the game only a few months after its release.This somewhat minimalistic medieval survival village-building game still sees a healthy player base, thanks to its impressive modding community.

Though vanilla Banished is fun, it gets stale after one or two playthroughs due to its limited content.The mods for Banished add a multitude of new buildings to work with, letting players build complex production chains.

The new buildings from the mods not only add depth in terms of content, but also spice up the visuals with lots of varied decoration options.The best Banished mods are as follows:Players often encounter debilitating death waves as they progress in Banished.

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