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This Last of Us 2 player proves you really can be John Wick in the post-apocalypse

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One smooth Last of Us 2 player has turned Ellie and Abby into John Wick. Just below, you can see a clip from prolific gameplay generator SunhiLegend, who's long been known for putting together stylish clips from various action games.

This time, the user has turned their attention to Naughty Dog's The Last of Us 2, showcasing both Ellie and Abby going absolutely ballistic with an arsenal of weapons. #TheLastOfUsPartII 22, 2022 The first part of the video takes place as Ellie explores the Seattle TV station area, running into a group of armed WLF soldiers and dispatching them with bottles, shotguns, and knives.

As for Abby, the WLF fighter goes berserk on a group of infected instead of human enemies, taking them out with precision rifle shots and brutal curb stomps.

This gameplay looks a whole lot different to that of the original Last of Us, as countless Twitter users have noted in the replies.

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