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This Joy-Con Replacement Makes the Switch More Comfortable in Handheld Mode

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Do your hands cramp when playing your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode? Do you long for full-sized analog sticks for better control in shooters and games that require precise movement?

If you’re nodding your head, listen up!The Nintendo-licensed HORI Split Pad Pro replaces your Joy-Con entirely by sliding into the rails on either side of the Switch console.

The controller features a much larger, ergonomic design that fills your palms and makes your humble Switch look and feel more like Valve’s Steam Deck.Replace your Joy-Con with the HORI Split Pad Pro and enjoy a more comfortable and ergonomic Nintendo Switch handheld experience.

Ideal for those who find the Joy-Con uncomfortable, imprecise, or impractical for long play sessions.$37.99  It features two full-sized analog sticks with a much greater range of motion, a real directional pad, bigger and less “clicky” face buttons, and elongated bumpers and triggers.

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