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This is the best electric Mercedes-Benz you can buy today

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At last count, Mercedes-Benz offers 14 electric vehicles. They're difficult to keep straight. Many of the variants in the EQS, EQE and EQB lines look and behave virtually identically.But after driving a number of them, here's the one I'd consider first: the Mercedes-AMG EQS sedan.

With a reserved design that obscures stupefying speed, it presents the forefront of technology without compromising the indulgent standards we expect from the brand with roots back to 1886.The $147,500 Mercedes-AMG EQS sedan has a similar, subtle body design and quiet interior as the brand's S-Class sedan, and, just as the S-Class exceeds the E-Class, it's larger, more powerful and more spacious inside than the other electric sedan, the EQE. (When I say “subtle,” I mean I walked right past it one day after a run around Silver Lake.

And I was actively looking for it.)The main difference is that the electric EQS wallops the entire Mercedes lineup, gas and electric, when it comes to performance.

That AMG badge means you're in for something fun. Powered by dual motors and AMG-tuned all-wheel drive, the AMG EQS sedan boasts more brute force even than most Lamborghinis.

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