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This asteroid will come EXTREMELY close to the Earth on Friday; Know how to watch it

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n just a couple of days, the Earth is going to witness a rare event. An asteroid is going to make a close approach to our planet.

But it will be unlike anything we have seen recently. And that's because the asteroid is going to come closer to the Earth than some of our geosynchronous satellites.

The flyby of the asteroid 2022 BU is going to be the fourth closest approach of a space rock since 1900, according to NASA. This is an incredibly rare opportunity and you should not miss out on watching it move across the sky.

Find out how to watch it.The asteroid is 82-foot wide. It was first spotted on January 21 by Gennadiy Borisov. As per NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid will make its closest approach to our planet at 2:47 AM IST on January 27 (4:17 PM EST, January 26 for USA) .

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