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"They plan to cut the only good thing about the game": Battlefield 2042 players react to DICE's reported plans to nerf Portal

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Portal is one of the few things in Battlefield 2042 that players have liked in the game so far. It makes the mode a rarity since players have disliked a vast majority of the additions to the latest Battlefield game.

A recent development could upset fans as DICE has surveyed the Portal mode. They have asked fans a question that may indicate a bare-bones Portal mode in the future.

Suffice it to say that players haven't taken the news in a kind manner.This feedback collection is one of the many things fans have found DICE guilty of.

A strong majority believes that the reason for Battlefield 2042's failure is how the game has been executed. While the developers have continued to work to the best of their abilities, many consider the efforts to be insufficient.

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