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There’s a flood of cheap ex-mining GPUs, but you probably shouldn’t buy one

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An ongoing crash in cryptocurrency prices is causing some miners to abandon ship, selling off their racks of graphics cards at discount prices in a bid to recoup some cash.

Wccftech spotted that some erstwhile miners across China and South Asia, previously encouraged by low energy costs, are even hosting livestreamed auctions to get rid of their GPU ‘stock’ en masse.

First off: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Second, while it’s entertaining to imagine desperate crypto barons hosting a kind of QVC channel for dusty PC components, I wouldn’t necessarily take this as a long-overdue opportunity to upgrade your graphics card on the cheap.

That’s not so much to do with the potential health of these cards. Buying used tech is always a bit of a gamble but research by Linus Tech Tips suggests that even after being run 24/7 for months on end, ex-mining cards tend to only be negligibly slower than new models at worst.

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