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The Street Fighter 6 Beta Character Creator is Generating Some Truly Cursed Creations

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Street Fighter 6 went into beta today, giving some fans the opportunity to test out the game ahead of its launch. While it's in closed beta, luckily for the rest of the internet, the players with access have created some truly incredible (and terrifying) things with its impressively open-ended character creator.

Of course, plenty of players have begun testing the limits of this character creator by creating terrifying forms that should probably not be allowed to exist, like this man with green chest hair and massive calves:this is already the wackiest character creator Capcom has ever made and i’m only 10% into it pic.twitter.com/tUlNpDl0wfAs seen above, the character creator appears to have plenty of opportunities for hair customization, leading to this extremely buff man with pink and red hair:SF 6 character creator really lets you be the true version of yourself pic.twitter.com/OkTIZrIpD5...And this guy, who seemingly sacrificed hair and arm muscles for an extremely buff torso and circular calves:Street Fighter 6 beta is going great so far!

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