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The Simpsons Secretly Cast Krusty As Pennywise Already

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Although The Simpsons season 34 promises to cast Krusty the Clown as It’s famous Stephen King villain Pennywise The Dancing Clown, this is not the first time that the long-running series has used this idea.

The Simpsons has, it is fair to say, an unusual relationship with canon and continuity. The long-running animated sitcom has an “elastic” canon according to producer Matt Selman, meaning the events of one outing won’t necessarily line up with those of an earlier (or later) The Simpsons episode.

This makes it easier for the show to excuse apparent plot holes and retcons like The Simpsons season 33’s Mona mystery, but this also means that the series can sometimes boast of a first that the show has actually done before.

Recently, The Simpsons creators informed fans that a new Treehouse of Horror outing would soon cast Krusty the Clown as a famous Stephen King villain.

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