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The Hobbit: What Strange Creature Gives Bilbo Away To The Trolls?

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It is no secret at the start of the first Hobbit movie An Unexpected Journey, that Thorin is dubious by Gandalf’s choice of burglar.

In fact, much of the first film centers around Bilbo trying to prove himself to the dwarves, which he does in many spectacular ways.

Gandalf knew right from the very start that Bilbo had a loyal heart, a lust for adventure, and more skill and bravery than anyone could have guessed, but Bilbo not only has to prove this to Thorin, he also has to prove it to himself.

He has gotten used to his quaint and idyllic existence, but in doing so he has lost the spirit and the heart that makes him such a wonderful character, and he certainly has to go through lots of exciting and dangerous times in order to find it.One such example is right at the start of the quest, when the company of Thorin is making their way through the lands surrounding The Shire, in the direction of Rivendell.

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