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The Hardest Achievements to Unlock in Dark Souls

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Dark Souls has the reputation of being one of the most challenging games of modern times, and for good reason.

Dark Souls is a gauntlet of powerful enemies and deadly traps, and so it's no surprise that its achievement list is equally challenging.Dark Souls is full of ultra-tough achievements that require players to invest a significant amount of time in the game if they hope to 100% it.

The popularity of Elden Ring may see new players check out FromSoftware games like Dark Souls and its sequels for the first time, and so they may want to have an idea of what they're getting themselves into if they set out to get 100% completion.Star Wars Author Working on Dark Souls NovelHere are the five rarest Dark Souls achievements, according to Xbox statistics.To unlock the Magic Weapon achievement in Dark Souls, players need to acquire the best weapon through magic reinforcement.

If players attempt to do this from scratch, they will need nine Titanite Shards, 10 Green Titanite Shards, eight Blue Titanite Chunks, and then one Blue Titanite Slab.

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