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The entire Ninja x MrBeast League of Legends drama explained

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Ninja and Jimmy "MrBeast" have been trading shots across Twitter for several weeks now. Suffice to say, their tense back-and-forth over who is better at League of Legends drew plenty of eyeballs.

What began as barbs thrown across social media has culminated in a $150,000 best-of-three League of Legends match in Las Vegas.Likely to be held on Crown Channel on Twitch, this beef has blown up to involve some serious money.

But where did it all begin?What began as a tease of a League of Legends tournament from MrBeast also included a very brief dig at Ninja.

One of the biggest content creators on YouTube called out one of the biggest streamers on Twitch for being 'terrible' at League of Legends.The eminent YouTuber didn't mince words as he left a cheeky jibe at the Fortnite streamer:Ninja’s retort had him stating that it wouldn’t even be close, as he would absolutely smash MrBeast in a League of Legends match.

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