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The Dragonflight 10.0.5 Content Update Is Now Live!

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The Dragonflight 10.0.5 content update is now live! Log in now to experience a variety of changes to help you on your adventures in Azeroth and beyond.

Read on to learn more about changes like the new Trading Post feature, a new Primal Storm event, and more ways to keep stylish with transmogs.A new feature is making its way to World of Warcraft®*— the Trading Post**!

Complete monthly activities to earn currency toward decking out your characters in cosmetic transmogs, pets, and mounts***— with new items and activities introduced every month beginning on February 1 when the Trading Posts in Orgrimmar and Stormwind open for the first time.

Read more about this new feature in our news post.The Trading Post opens for business on the morning of February 1 (local time).A new Primal Storm event—The Storm’s Fury—has arrived in The Primalist Future!The Primalists are rallying some of their strongest forces to preserve their plans to dominate Azeroth.

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