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The 'Death By Mocking' Horror Trope, Explained

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Bullies are a staple of teen movies in general and also in many horror movies focusing on high school or young adult characters.

It can be tough to watch scenes of mean characters treating people badly, as the desire for them to realize how wrong they are is strong.There are many horror movie tropes that come up often, and one that is often present in slasher films is «Death By Mocking.» When this trope is used, the killer doesn't like that there are cruel characters who are laughing at others, and their fate seems decided from the beginning of the story.

There's a lot to know about this trope. The 'Ghost Town' Trope In Horror, ExplainedAccording to TV Tropes, the «Death By Mocking» horror trope means that if a character is making fun of someone, that bully is going to die.

The villain in the story is mad because they're the one who wants to be mean to people and they feel that this bully is closing in on their territory.

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