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"The birth of the ORC license was driven by OGL 1.1" - Paizo’s Jim Butler discusses ORC, OGL 1.1, and more

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Jim Butler, president of Paizo, has been at the center of a major topic of discussion within the tabletop gaming community for the last two weeks.

With Wizards of the Coast’s OGL 1.1, Pathfinder’s owners made a landmark decision. Jim Butler and Paizo revealed the Open RPG Creative license, the ORC.

This quickly became a very popular idea on the internet, as, unlike the OGL 1.1, it was an irrevocable license. Players won't have to fear their work being stolen or sudden royalties being required.Jim Butler has been a game designer since around 1995 when he worked for TSR, the company that would later be purchased by Wizards of the Coast.

His design work can be found in The Sword of the Dales, Netheril: Empire of Magic, and more. Over the years, Butler has worked for several companies and is currently the president of Paizo.

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