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The best UGM-8 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4

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The UGM-8 is a new light machine gun that players can utilize in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4.Not often are light machine guns seen as must-use weapons in the battle royale.

They are typically loud, bulky, and downright slow. The UGM-8 does its best to counter that negative stigma.It is imperative that players level up these weapons as soon as possible after unlocking them through the Battle Pass.

This is so they can get the best attachments available and turn them into an enemy-slaughtering machine.The loadout players will take into Warzone differs from the one they may use in Vanguard.

The attachments for the LMG in the BR mode are meant for a much more open map and aggressive playstyle.With a slower fire rate, little damage, and less-than-desirable recoil, players must put together a good loadout to buff its shortcomings and make it a devastating light machine on Fortune's Keep or Caldera.Here are the attachments to make the best UGM-8 loadout in Season 4:Every COD: Warzone loadout should start with a good muzzle attachment.

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